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A few years back we made the decision to trial run a Mallard Release project

Which also goes well with the Nest Site LOSWA installed.

Results that similar clubs have had in the UK have shown some outstanding results,

When Mallard are released close to artificial nesting tubes, some of those Mallard will return to breed and use the nesting sites they are familiar with so we are hoping to see similar results. 

We introduced nest Provision in the form of “Duck Tubes” to the Ponds (fenced off conversation area) and splashes this would be the site for our Mallard release project. 

On the last mallard release we see a number of young ducks, breed this year on the Release pond that holds a good natural food source, as well as us feeding.

With the help of a LOWSA Work Party we moved the ducks to the release Ponds in July and that should give them ample time to be up and away come the shooting season. The mallard that we release isn’t just about shooting but also getting Mallard to return for breeding and building up the ducks numbers for years to come.

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