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Morning Flight on the Mud

Wildfowling is the pursuit of geese and duck. mainly a solitary sport requiring considerable stamina and patience as it takes place on estuaries and coastal marshes during the winter months in wet, muddy and cold conditions with just man and his dog.

Good Local knowledge and marshcraft is required with changing tides safety requirements and the wildfowler needs to be able to 

identify legal quarry species in poor light and difficult weather conditions.

Geese tend to fly inland to their feeding grounds early in the morning and return to roost far out on the mudflats at dusk. Ducks can also be found on the foreshore but are more commonly shot when flighting into ponds at dusk. Despite many hours spent  out on the marsh, The wildfowler often will not fire a shot but when the time comes, it is important that a dog is able to retrieve the bird from the mud or water.

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